This programme is funded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova
and the European Union through the ODA.

Digital transformation programme for small and medium enterprises



Dear entrepreneurs, We inform you about the temporary suspension of the reception of applications for non-reimbursable funding under Component II "Non-reimbursable financial support of the Programme "Digital Transformation of SMEs", from 20 November 2023 at 17:00, due to the exhaustion of funds allocated under the Programme for 2023.

Registration of applications will resume in the budget year 2024.

Thank you for your interest in the programmes implemented by the ODA and we remain at your disposal to provide you with the necessary support.

The programme "Digital Transformation of the WMUs" is financed by the State Budget and the European Union. Financial resources are allocated annually by the State Budget Law and on the basis of the ODA-EU Agreement.

Programme objectives

  • Develop entrepreneurs' skills on planning and implementing business practices friendly to digital transformation of at least 40% of beneficiaries;
  • Provide financial support for the implementation of digital transformation plans for at least 150 MSMEs;
  • Increasing the competitive advantage and customer portfolio of MSIs by at least 20%;
  • Developing e-commerce, facilitating the process of reducing physical currency circulation and developing courier services for at least 20% of beneficiary companies

The Programme will provide
reimbursable financial support (grant) of up to:

Individual financing plan
up to 500.000 MDL

To participate in Component II - Non-refundable financial support, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • carries out entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
  • have carried out economic activity in the last 12 months prior to the date of submission of the application form for this Programme, reflected in the financial statements submitted to the National Bureau of Statistics/unified tax statement submitted to the State Tax Service for the last year of activity;
  • they are not affiliated to a group of enterprises whose number of employees and sales revenue or total assets held cumulatively exceed the conditions for the definition of SME laid down in Article 4 of Law No 179/2016 on small and medium-sized enterprises.

The non-reimbursable financing offered through the Programme is a maximum of 70% of the value of the investment project and will not exceed 500 thousand lei for micro, small and medium enterprises.

30% / 70%


Application to the Program

This is done by submitting the Participation Form and the corresponding set of documents online.

Examination of compliance of the dossier

The file that meets all compliance and eligibility requirements is considered complete.

The applicant is informed by e-mail about the compliance of the file.

Pre-financing evaluation of applications

Only complete dossiers are admitted to the pre-financing evaluation stage, and include:

  1. Compliance analysis
  2. Economic and financial analysis
  3. Investment project analysis
  4. Risk analysis

Approval of the grant

The approval of the final decision to finance / reject the investment project is made by the Finance and Risk Committee.

In the review process, the I.P. ODA's Funding and Risk Committee will look at the compliance of investment projects with the Programme's purpose, objectives and requirements, as well as the viability of the business, achievement of outcome and economic development impact indicators.

The applicant will be informed by telephone and e-mail of the decision taken and when the grant contract will be signed.

Finalisation and conclusion of the Financing Contract

The financing contract shall be signed by the parties:

  1. either by handwritten signature - in two copies, one copy of which shall be handed to the Beneficiary and the other kept at the Organisation;
  2. or by qualified advanced electronic signature - if the parties to the grant contract have agreed to conclude it by exchanging electronic documents.

If any changes occur in the documents submitted when applying to the Programme, the Beneficiary is responsible for submitting these documents by the date of signature of the grant agreements.

Execution of the Financing Contract and implementation of the investment project

After signing the grant contract, the beneficiary will carry out the investment from its own contribution (minimum 30% of the value of the investment project) and will submit within the deadline indicated in the grant contract supporting documents confirming that the investment has been carried out (confirmatory documents).

Post-financing monitoring, archiving and evaluation

Monitoring actions start immediately after the beneficiary has completed the investment project, i.e. the end of the funding process and the submission of the set of supporting documents related to the investment.

The monitoring period for beneficiaries of financial support lasts 36 months from the date of submission of the complete set of documents on the use of financial resources.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, defined in accordance with Law no.179/2016 on small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of the type of ownership and legal form of organization, which meet the criteria stipulated in Article 4 of the Law, with the exception of natural persons operating on the basis of the entrepreneur's patent and legal persons under public law.

The Digital Transformation of SMEs

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, SMEs in the Republic of Moldova have been put in a stalemate, with severe supply and demand constraints. The impact on SMEs is critical, especially as of the approx. 98% of SMEs approx. 75% are micro-enterprises that lack the knowledge and resources, including financial, to adjust quickly to new market conditions.

At the same time, according to the latest surveys, 80.7% of households have secured internet access and less than 17% of SMEs have successfully integrated digital technologies into their business, which represents an untapped potential for SMEs in the Republic of Moldova, but also an urgent need to adopt digitisation practices.

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