This program is funded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the European Union through the ODA

The programme aims to promote entrepreneurship among the younger generation to support socio-economic integration


The impact of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Programme is to be quantified by achieving the following objectives:


  • keeping young people in the country, including in rural areas;

  • improving/developing young people's entrepreneurial skills;

  • increase the number of businesses with innovative elements and strategic vision linked to the sustainable development framework.


200.000 MDL

Non-reimbursable funding of up to 200 000 MDL

70% / 30%

1.760.000 MDL

Credit with grant portion.
Up to 1 760 000 lei.

85% / 15%


01 Information, training, and business advice

02 Non-refundable financial support (grant)

03 Credit with grant portion

04 Investment project implementation planning


The Entrepreneurial Support Initiative provides extensive facilities to harness the entrepreneurial potential of the younger generation. Thus, young people aged 18 to 35 who want to start or develop a business can benefit from both advisory/educational support as well as non-reimbursable financing or credit with grant portion.

Resursele financiare acordate de stat sub formă de suport financiar nerambursabil (grant) pot fi utilizate:

  • tangible assets;

  • intangible fixed assets;

  • raw materials and building materials;

  • business development services.

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