This programme is funded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova
and the European Union through the ODA.

Re-technologization and energy efficiency program

Dear entrepreneurs,

we would like to inform you that following the call for funding under the Programme for Retrofitting and Energy Efficiency of SMEs, held between 25.08. and 01.10.2023, a total of 202 investment projects were submitted.

ODA is making every effort to process the files and evaluate the investment projects in optimal terms. In order to optimise the evaluation process as well as the approval of funding by the Funding and Risk Committee (FRC), the processing of files is carried out on a first come - first served basis and will be divided into 2 rounds as follows:

  • Round I - results will be announced by the end of November 2023
  • Round II - results will be announced by the end of January 2024

Thank you for your interest in the programmes implemented by the ODA and we remain at your disposal to provide you with the necessary support.

This Programme is intended for enterprises defined in accordance with the provisions of Law No 179/2016 on small and medium-sized enterprises, with the exception of state and municipal enterprises


In addition, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • It carries out entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

  • They have been active for at least 24 months before the date of application to the Program and have prepared and submitted to the National Bureau of Statistics financial statements for the last two years of activity;

  • Have an energy audit report conducted by a qualified energy auditor and registered in the Electronic Register of Energy Auditors (for enterprises aiming to increase energy efficiency).

The Programme will provide grants of up to:

2.000.000 MDL

For technology and refurbishment actions, according to the 1+1 formula (50% of the value of the investment project will be covered by the State and 50% by the applicant's own contribution).

50% / 50%

1.500.000 MDL

For machinery, equipment and installations for the exploitation of alternative energy sources according to the 1+1 formula (50% of the investment project value will be covered by the State and 50% by the applicant's own contribution).

50% / 50%


Application to the program

The application for non-reimbursable financial support is made on behalf of the legal entity by submitting the Application Form and the corresponding set of documents online. I.P. ODA provides the possibility to download online the models of documents, declarations, applications, notes.

Examination of compliance

The applicant is informed by e-mail about the conformity of the file. If the file is found to be incomplete, the applicant must submit the required documents within the deadline.

Pre-financing evaluation of dossiers

Only complete dossiers are admitted to the pre-financing evaluation stage, and include:

  1. Compliance analysis
  2. Economic and financial analysis
  3. Investment project analysis
  4. Risk analysis

Aprobarea suportului

The approval of the final decision to finance / reject the investment project is made by the Funding and Risk Committee and is fixed in the minutes of the meeting.

Finalisation and conclusion of the Financing Contract

The financing contract shall be signed by the parties:

  1. Either by holographic signature - in two copies, one of which shall be handed to the Beneficiary and the other kept at the I.P. ODA;
  2. Either by qualified electronic signature - if the parties to the grant contract have agreed to conclude it by exchange of electronic documents.

If any changes occur in the documents submitted when applying to the Programme, the Beneficiary is responsible for submitting these documents by the date of signature of the grant contracts.

Execution of the Financing Contract and implementation of the investment project

After signing the grant contract, the beneficiary will carry out the investment from its own contribution (minimum 50% of the value of the investment project) and will submit within the deadline indicated in the contract confirmatory documents on the carrying out of the investment.

Implementation of the investment project

The financial support in the form of a grant to the beneficiary will be provided in accordance with the Programme Operational Manual and the Grant Contract.

The implementation period of the investment project is maximum 6 months.

Post-financing monitoring, archiving and evaluation

Monitoring actions start immediately after the beneficiary has completed the investment project, i.e. the end of the funding process and the submission of the set of supporting documents related to the investment.

The monitoring period for beneficiaries of financial support lasts 36 months from the date of submission of the complete set of documents on the use of financial resources.

Energy efficiency and retrofitting programme for small and medium enterprises

It aims to increase the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises, replace inefficient technical equipment/tools with modern technological solutions and optimise production costs by implementing energy efficiency measures.

The programme aims to give businesses a competitive advantage in the market, resilience and access to investments that can bring immediate economic effects through:

  • technology;
  • upgrading;
  • opting for alternative energy sources;
  • energy efficiency of business activity.

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