Hard work, perseverance and the ability to take advantage of business support opportunities offered by the state is the recipe for success of businessman Nicolae Croitoru from Chisinau municipality. He runs a business in the field of furniture production and marketing. The entrepreneur, after a period of working in Italy, launched his custom furniture production business in 2015 under the brand name "Croitoru Kitchens", and in order to expand and purchase more efficient machinery, he turned to several state business support instruments.

"In 2020, our company "INVEST EUROPEO" SRL accessed non-reimbursable funding through the PARE Programme, Rule "1+1" in the amount of 250 thousand lei, money that we invested in the necessary machinery for the production process", says Nicolae Croitoru.

After three years, he submitted the application for funding for phase II of the same program to receive another 500 thousand lei.

"At present our company employs 20 people, 80% of whom are returnees from abroad, has a turnover of 8.1 million lei, owns a production hall with a surface of 500 m2 and produces about 180 units of individually designed kitchen furniture every month. The grant of 500 thousand lei was used for high-performance equipment, namely the purchase of a CNC drilling centre to improve the quality of production. We want to offer consumers a quality and modern product at a real price", the businessman stressed.

And he didn't stop there. He realised that a modern business with consumer appeal needs to be digitised. The entrepreneur claims that his 10 years of experience in Italy in a furniture company and 7 years in the Republic of Moldova allow him to combine the whole spectrum of technologies in the production process.  So he didn't hesitate long and submitted an investment project to the Digital Transformation Programme and accessed another grant of 270 thousand lei. With the money obtained from the state, it will invest in the purchase of software and modules for the digital design of furniture in order to be competitive in foreign markets.

The entrepreneur urges entrepreneurs returning home from abroad to set up their own business and can access through the "PARE 1+2" programme non-reimbursable funding of up to 250 thousand lei according to the 1+1 formula, i.e. for each leu invested, the state allocates another 1 leu. Companies that demonstrate continuity and growth can receive an additional 500 thousand lei for development.

For more details on the Programme, please visit https://www.oda.md/ro/granturi/pare 

or call the Advice Centre: Tel +373 22 225 799.