Fautor Winery is located in the village of Tigheci, Leova district, which is part of the Valul lui Traian Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) area. The high quality and standards of the wines, produced under the same trademark, are recognized both locally and abroad.

Fautor wines are present on the shelves of retail chains in Romania, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Singapore, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Portugal. Although it has succeeded in exporting its products to several countries, the company wants to strengthen its presence in these markets and is negotiating with new customers. 

"In the countries we export to we are already known, but we want to expand further, with the prospect of being recognised worldwide. The company has a product export strategy, export managers and promotion budgets. However, in the process of expanding into a new market there are many difficulties, from local culture and customs, legal and tax regulations, to competition with companies already present, with a reputation and greater resources," says Grigore Diaconu, co-founder and manager of the business.

In diversifying its export operations, the company is assisted by specialised consultants, and the financing of these services is partly covered by the World Bank, through the Competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Project, implemented by the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation, ODA.

The ISO certificate on enterprise quality management has recently expired and steps are currently being taken to have it renewed. Without such certificates, it is very difficult to export. At the same time, with financial support from the Competitiveness Project, a financial management information system will be purchased and implemented, participation in exhibitions will be ensured, new label design and registration of intellectual property rights will be developed, a product catalogue will be produced, the website will be modernised and equipment for sparkling wine production will be purchased.

We remind you that the submission of investment projects for grants worth about 600 thousand lei is ongoing, by filling out the form https://formular.oda.md/#/  

 For more details, call +373 22 22 55 45

The SME Competitiveness Project awards grants covering 50% of the cost of services and equipment, but not more than 600 thousand lei per beneficiary.  Exporting companies or companies wishing to export from all sectors of the economy can apply for co-financing. The World Bank project supports SMEs through grants for the procurement of consultancy services to improve business management and increase the export capacity of Moldovan products and services, as well as for the purchase of modern equipment.