In 2023, through the entrepreneurial support programmes managed by the Entrepreneurship Development Organisation (ODA), the Government financially supported about 3,000 companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector and about 3,500 patent holders, allocating about 1.32 billion lei in the form of: grants, financial guarantees, interest compensation on investment loans, compensation of transition expenses to self-employment, subsidies for participation in exhibitions, support infrastructure and compensation of expenses of dual education units. This has contributed to attracting 2.21 billion lei investment in the economy.

✔ Thus, out of the total number of enterprises supported, 596 companies have accessed non-reimbursable financing totalling about 271 million lei, and have maintained about 10 000 jobs, and created another 2 377.

✔ Financial guarantees worth about 481.6 million lei were provided to 455 businesses. The new guarantees issued have facilitated access of these companies to loans worth 1.13 billion lei and helped attract investments in the economy worth 1.48 billion lei.

✔ The 373 Government Programme was launched, which in the first 6 months alone supported 176 companies to take out cheaper loans, the total value of investment projects being 753 million lei. Thanks to the programme, 200 new jobs have been created in the beneficiary companies, and another 283 are to be created in the near future, according to the investment projects.

✔ Another 285 start-up companies have also benefited from the support infrastructure of the 11 Business Incubators.

✔ At the same time, 1 347 entrepreneurs received partial compensation for interest on investment loans taken out until 01 August 2022, the total amount being 14.13 million lei.

✔ At the same time, ODA was present in all regions of the country, providing free information about entrepreneurial support programs and tools, individual consulting and free training in entrepreneurial skills development. In total, 116 information sessions were organised, more than 14,500 people were consulted individually and about 3,000 were trained.

✔ 281 companies received partial reimbursement of expenses for participation in trade fairs and exhibitions totalling 1.34 million lei.

✔ For the first time, 26 dual education establishments received in 2023 compensation of 3.51 million lei from the state for expenses incurred for the organization and implementation of vocational training programs for students.

✔ With the entry into force of the patent reform, the ODA received and approved 3 552 applications, the amount of compensation allocated constituting 25.62 million lei. About 95% of former patent holders have transitioned to self-employment, sole proprietorships and limited liability companies.

In 2024, with the support of the Government and external development partners, new programmes will be launched to support women's economic empowerment (Women Entrepreneurship), and small businesses (Small Producers).