This programme is funded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova
and the European Union through the ODA.

Dear entrepreneurs, We inform you about the temporary suspension of the reception of applications for non-reimbursable funding under the Greening of Small and Medium Enterprises Programme, from 1 December 2023 at 17:00, due to the exhaustion of funds allocated under the Programme for 2023.

Registration of applications will resume in the budget year 2024.

Thank you for your interest in the programmes implemented by the ODA and we remain at your disposal to provide you with the necessary support. 

The programme for the greening of small and medium-sized enterprises is financed from the State Budget and the European Union. Financial resources are allocated annually by the State Budget Law and on the basis of the ODA-EU Agreement.

The Small and Medium Enterprises Greening Programme (approved by Government Decision no.592/2019) is implemented by the ODA in order to create favourable conditions and support the business environment for the transition from the consumer model of economic development to a model that uses the application of greening principles and the integration of "green" economy measures in the production processes of the various branches of the national economy.

Dear entrepreneurs, before registering for the Programme, we encourage you to carry out a self-assessment of your business in order to ascertain the level of greening of the production and service processes in your company. We suggest that you go step by step through the questions of the questionnaire, selected in four specific areas of action: energy efficiency, water reuse, waste sorting and application of the management system in your company.

Following this assessment you will get a greening score and shortly you will receive greening recommendations by e-mail. These recommendations will refer to possible actions, which can be implemented in your company in order to make the use of resources more efficient, to increase production potential, to develop competitiveness on the markets and to optimise production and service costs.

The Programme will provide non-reimbursable financial support (grant) of up to 500,000 MDL.


01 Information and advisory support

Registration for training: continuous.

02 Financial support for SMEs

Grants up to 500 000 lei

Submission of investment projects: on a continuous basis.

03 Post-financing monitoring

24 months from the moment of full transfer of the grant.

Through the Programme, the SME will benefit from information materials, consultancy, support services and training on how to identify solutions and take concrete actions to green production and service delivery processes, which will increase the company's potential to achieve a higher market share.

In phase two, SME will receive financial support in the form of a grant to implement greening actions on resource efficiency, application of sustainable production and consumption patterns, introduction of eco-innovations in technological processes, waste reduction and management, pollution prevention and water resource management, etc.


The "Textile Recycling Valley" initiative in Northern France prioritises interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of textile reuse, given the dramatic increase in collections. Core partners of the project regularly convene relevant discussions and apply different skills or knowledge in the field, such as textile innovations, reverse logistics services, material reuse and other economic aspects. In 2019, the project had several target mills sorting 50% of the tissue waste on the market, recycling 95% of it. With this in mind, Northern France avoids waste production by involving various companies, which strategically analyse the product life cycle right from the design stage.

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