Financial resources granted by the State in the form of non-reimbursable financial support (grant) can be used:

For the prevention of pollution, reduction of waste generation and waste management, procurement:

  1. containers for the selective pre-collection of waste;
  2. machinery for shredding waste wood, plastic, rubber, etc.;
  3. waste sorting and baling facilities;
  4. technological lines for ecological packaging.

For pollution prevention and water resource management, purchase:

  1. equipment, machinery, wastewater treatment and/or pre-treatment plants following production and service processes;
  2. rainwater collection and reuse facilities;
  3. equipment, machinery, facilities for the implementation of water resource efficiency measures that will contribute to reducing water consumption by at least 20%.

For the prevention and reduction of air pollution, purchase:

  1. equipment, machinery and technologies that would reduce air pollution and noise pollution;
  2. installations, units for filtering polluted air - as a result of production and service provision processes.

Consultancy services for the application of sustainable production and consumption patterns:

  1. development of management systems according to the principles of green economy;
  2. design of production models based on a closed loop with recovery of resources from waste;
  3. training services for company staff on the implementation of greening measures.

Implementation of relevant international standards and/or certificates on greening:

  1. consultancy and mentoring services for the implementation of green standards and certifications;
  2. Financing of activities, certification procedures for the implementation of international standards and/or certificates relevant to greening, the European eco-management and audit scheme.

Purchase of equipment necessary for the implementation of international standards and/or certificates.

For the introduction of eco-innovations in technological processes:

  1. expenditure on procedures for obtaining licences, certificates;
  2. purchase of eco-innovative equipment, machinery, installations which create opportunities for the development of economic activities and which have a positive effect on the environment by preventing or reducing the impact of these activities or by optimising the use of resources, etc.