The Fund for Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth of Moldova (FACEM) has the status of an internal subdivision of the Public Institution Entrepreneurship Development Organization. (ODA).

FACEM's mission is to implement state policy in support of the development of the small and medium-sized enterprise sector in the Republic of Moldova by providing access to low-cost financing.

FACEM Investments

The main objective of the "FACEM Investments" product is to stimulate the growth of the national economy by providing SMEs with accessible financial resources to finance investment projects, through financial entities contracted by ODA, on affordable and comfortable terms for entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses.

The financing instrument is the investment credit, which will be granted from FACEM's financial means by the EFP (banks and NCBs) to the beneficiaries, in national currency for the purchase of equipment and machinery, including services and expenses for installation, calibration, commissioning, logistics and certification of equipment, as well as for the purchase, construction or reconstruction of premises for activities, including related land. The amount of the investment loan will be between 100 thousand lei and 5 million lei for a maximum term of up to 10 years with an interest rate of 7% per annum. The applicant's own contribution is a minimum of 10%.


I. The financing instrument is the credit granted by the EFP to the beneficiaries (also called investment credit) from the financial means of FACEM, in national currency for the following purposes: 

  1. procurement of equipment and machinery, including installation, calibration, commissioning, logistical and certification services and costs;
  2. procurement, construction and/or reconstruction/repair of premises including ancillary facilities, with associated land;
  3. procurement of digital technologies and software;
  4. procurement and/or establishment of multiannual plantations.

II. An applicant may apply for more than one loan, provided that the maximum funding ceiling set out in this document, consisting of the balance of the existing loan(s) and the amount of the new loan requested, is not exceeded.

  1. The purpose of the investments, according to the applicant's investment project and the financing contract signed by the VET, shall be in one or more economic activities, taking into account the provisions of sub-paragraph (3), except for those included in the list of activities in the Moldovan economy set out in the Annex.
  2. When assessing the purpose of the credit for which the financing is granted, the activity in which the investment is directed shall be taken into account, according to sub-paragraph (1), which does not necessarily correspond to the basic field of activity of the applicant.
  3. The FACEM financial means granted in the sector classified under the code of Section G. "Wholesale and retail trade; maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles" , except those indicated in the Annex, shall not exceed the limit of 30% of the FACEM financial means available.
  4. The ODA will monitor compliance with the limit set out in sub-paragraph (3), and if it is found that the limit has been reached or exceeded immediately, the ODA will not allocate additional funds from the EMCF to the LFS in the relevant sector, except for credit files under consideration by the LFS, and will inform the LFS thereof within 5 working days of the date on which it is found that the limit has been reached or exceeded.
  5. The interest on the credit granted within the framework of the investment project cannot be compensated from the account of the financial resources credited by the state, state programmes and/or external financial assistance projects. 
  6. The investment project may be the object of ODA guarantee products, if the guarantee request meets the criteria and requirements of the guarantee products.