ODA is:

A public institution founded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitization, operating under Government Decision No. 487 of 2022.


ODA is a public institution with the mission to support the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova from business start-up to internationalization.


- to support the development of entrepreneurship;
- to provide non-reimbursable financial assistance;
- to strengthen the capacity of enterprises to manage their business effectively by providing training, mentoring, consultancy and support infrastructure;
- facilitating access to finance by issuing financial and state guarantees;
- ensuring public-private dialogue.


- to develop and implement programmes and projects for the development of the SME sector;
- managing the State Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC);
- providing consultancy and training services to SME managers and employees;
- creation and development of a network of Business Incubators in Moldova;
- supporting the formation of clusters and innovative networks;
- supporting the development of business support associations and institutions;
- cooperation with similar national and international organisations.