As a pertinent observation, we should mention that in the Republic of Moldova, the first generation of businessmen was forced by circumstances to invest their money, most of the time without any special training.

Along the way, they learnt on their own, they took from the experience of others - all to become good managers of their own businesses.

Today, things have changed - people can top up their knowledge on courses that help them gain modern managerial skills - allowing them to be in control and constantly evaluating things.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, ODA offers a variety of training courses where you will learn the tactics and tools needed to develop a successful business, which will help you structure your future economic activity on a profitable basis.

The ODA portfolio already has a Programme entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship education - the Entrepreneurship Education Programme.

At the same time, our Programmes (PARE 1+1, Start for Youth and ECO SME) have a pre-established entrepreneurship education component that requires following strategies designed by renowned specialists.

Through the entrepreneurial assistance we offer, we will help you reduce operational costs, avoid business risks, add value to your brand and generate new sources of income.

In this way you will transform your company into an innovative market leader and your working methods will become a benchmark for your competitors.


We can help you choose the smartest entrepreneurial education programme that suits you best!